Camel Up: Supercup


Players For Ages Play Time
2-10 6+ 30-45min

Designed by Steffen Bogen

The game of crazy camel races is back with Camel Up: Supercup, a modular expansion for the critically-acclaimed Camel Up. Now up to ten players can add their bets on where the camels will finish each leg or the entire race. Additionally, the expansion has four modules that make each camel race even wackier. Create a longer race, help a renowned photographer get pictures of the largest camel stack, and place more bets than ever. Whether you use only one module or all of them, Supercup adds more variety and excitement to your Camel Up games.

For a slight adjustment to Camel Up, add just one of the Supercup modules; for a totally new game experience, add them all! Module 1 creates an even longer racetrack, on which camels can now move twice per Leg. With Module 2, grab the attention of the Photographer, who loves to take pictures of stacks of camels and rewards anyone who can predict the best photo ops. Modules 3 and 4 open even more ways to place bets. With such a wide variety of modules and combinations to choose from, Camel Up will never be the same again!

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