Zone of Fire

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Allied Confederation Unite!

War against the Shadow Front endures after months of fighting. On the brink of decisively shifting the balance of war, the Shadow Front sends their remaining forces through the Allies’ scattered defenses to reinforce and re-supply their position at their attack strongpoint.

As the commander of the western sector for the Allied Confederation, you must prevent the enemy from breaking through our weakened defenses. Your position is the last line of defense preventing the Shadow Front’s advance.

The Shadow Front will send tanks, jeeps, choppers, bombers and mechs through your sector in an attempt to change the course of war.

Build flamethrower, machine gun, missile, laser, plasma towers and more as best you can to stop the enemy onslaught. Your towers must stop the Shadow Front in the critical Zone of Fire.

Play normal mode (10 minute per game) or epic mode (20-30 minutes per game) with three difficulty levels.

Zone of Fire is a tower defense game for iOS and Android.