Dungeon Lords


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Designed by Vlaada Chvátil

They meet in a tavern. The strong warrior, the wily wizard, the committed priest, and the sneaky thief. Several hours and many quaffed ales later, they form an inseparable party of adventurers, ready to rid the world of evil. And there is some, just within easy walking distance a dark lord has filled a nearby hill with tunnels, traps, treasure, and trolls. The heroes set out to attack the dungeon and to punish the wicked lord. Are you ready for heroic deeds that win you fame, wealth and the hearts of beautiful maidens? Well, then go and play another game! In Dungeon Lords, you get to dig tunnels, mine gold, hire monsters, create traps, and care about all the things a proper dungeon needs. But, it`s not easy, as the competition for resources is stiff and sometimes you have to get a bit evil to get what you want – and the more evil you get, the stronger the adventurers your dungeon attracts!

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