The Castles of Burgundy


Players For Ages Play Time
2-4 12+ 30-90min

Designed by Stefan Feld

Current overall rank on BoardGameGeek: 10
Current overall rank on reddit r/boardgames: 12

15th century princes from the Loire Valley devote their efforts to strategic trading and building in order to bring their estates to prosperity and prominence. Over the course of 5 rounds, collect the most points by trading, live stock farming, city building and scientific research to win!

Contents: 1 Game Board, 6 Player Boards, Tiles: 56 Buildings, 28 Livestock, 26 Knowledge, 16 Castles, 12 Mines, 26 Ships, 42 Goods, 20 Silverlings, 30 Workers, 12 Bonus, 4 Victory, 8 Playing Pieces, 9 Dice, Instructions.

The Castles of Burgundy is a fun dice rolling game that has a lot of different ways to score points. It's easy to lose track of what your opponent is going after since you may not be going after the same things.
   – Elliott

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