The Dresden Files RPG: V3 – The Paranet Papers Hardcover


Stand Together Against the Darkness! In Jim Butcher`s bestselling The Dresden Files books, the forces of good bond together into an organization called the Paranet in a desperate bid to turn the tides of their equally desperate war against big baddies like the Fomor and the Denarians. Now you can bring the Paranet to your The Dresden Files RPG with The Paranet Papers supplement. Travel to exotic locations like Las Vegas and South America to fight evil. Team up with characters from Turn Coat and Changes to fight evil. Join up with other Paranetters to, well, you get the picture. The Paranet Papers features updated information through The Dresden Files novel Changes, with hints of Ghost Story, as well as details on four key Dresdenverse times and places (Las Vegas, the Russian Revolution, the Neverglades, and Las Tierras Rojas/the Red Lands), plus Character updates and new characters introduced to the Dresdenverse.

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