Uprising: The Dystopian Universe RPG Hardcover


Rise up and defy the corporations in Uprising: The Dystopian Universe RPG, set in the same universe as The Resistance, Coup, and One Night Revolution from Indie Boards & Cards. Uprising is a stand-alone game that uses a customized version of the Fate system. Within these pages, youll find: playsheets for nine character archetypes with tie-ins to the cards found in other Dystopian Universe games, new aspect rules to help reflect the intrigue of the Dystopian Universe, where no one is exactly what they seem, a new system for secrets – essential to surviving on the mean streets of Paris Nouveau, new prep scenes and equipment rules designed to help make downtime active, and a streamlined modular system for creating missions, along with sample missions to get you started. The Dystopian Universe RPG: Vive la Resistance!

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