Vinhos Deluxe (Limited Reserve)


For Ages
Play Time

Designed by Vital Lacerda

This version comes with a Limited Edition Sticker that is signed and numbered by the Designer: Vital Lacerda

Like fine wine, many of the best things in life get better with age! Combine the early efforts of the immensely talented games designer Vital Lacerda on the classic board game Vinhos; add the inspired new artwork of Ian O'Toole; and polish it all off with the Deluxe Edition production talents of the team at Eagle-Gryphon Games. Et voilĂ , a new star is born: the 2016 Vinhos Deluxe Edition board game! Vinhos Deluxe Edition supports 1 to 4 players and takes 30 to 45 minutes per player to play.


1x copy of Vinhos Deluxe
Vinhos Deluxe Experts Pack (32 tiles)
Advertisers and Marketers Experts (8 tiles)
Salesmen Specialists (4 tiles)
Spies Specialists (4 tiles)
Meteorologists Experts (4 tiles)
Reviewers Experts (4 tiles)
Estate Experts (4 tiles)
Public Relations Experts (4 tiles)
Vinhos Deluxe Islands Expansion Pack
Madeira Expansion (small board; 4 tiles and 4 meeples)
Acores Expansion (small board; 4 tiles; 4 larger vineyard tiles; 4 meeple barrels)
Vinhos Deluxe Tasting Room Pack (38 wooden pieces)
Bottles (4)
Porto Bottles (6)
Wine Rack (1)
Tourist Meeples (8)
Wineries Meeples (19)
Vinhos Deluxe Connoisseur Pack (17 large tiles)
Weather (1 tile)
Wineries (4 double-sized tiles)
Vineyards (4 double-sized tiles)
Cellars (4 double sized tiles)
Ocean Tiles (4 large tiles)

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