Zombicide: Green Horde: Special Guest Artist Paul Bonner 2


Players For Ages Play Time
1-6 14+ 60min

Designed by Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, Nicolas Raoult

There are many theories as to where the zombie plague originated. Some say it was from Faolan, Hunter of the Northweald. This vampire preyed upon the people of that small hamlet for years until almost nobody was left, and he could very well be the source of the zombies. To fight this supernatural terror, new survivors will have to rise up and face him in combat. Woe to those that fail. The Green Horde: Special Guest Box-Paul Bonner set adds new options for players of Black Plague. It contains a new Necromancer as well as four new Survivors that players can choose. Faolan, the vampire, is a terrible foe, dealing automatic damage to Survivors that get too close. Meanwhile, there`s a new type of Survivor in Kirag and Thorg. They`re two Survivors in one, adding a whole new way to play the game. This is an expansion. The Zombicide: Green Horde or Black Plage core game is required to play.

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