Broken Token Terraforming Mars Organizer


It may be crowded back on Earth, but your game box doesn’t need to be. Let us help you expand to new frontiers with our organizer for Terraforming Mars. Set up and start playing faster with the system of removable trays: 5 player board replacements with built-in resource trays, 2 removable resource trays and a special tile tray. Organize your cards (sleeved or unsleeved) in a removable card “shoe” ready for drawing and discarding. Plus, take off to Mars in style with an upgraded rocket first player token, and replacement acrylic Generation, Temperature, and Oxygen Markers.

12 removable token trays
First Player rocket token
Acrylic Generation, Temperature, and Oxygen markers.
Supports sleeved cards

Weight: 5.7 LBS

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