Players For Ages Play Time
2-4 12+ 90-120min

Designed by Andrea Chiarvesio, Pierluca Zizzi

In Signorie, you will play the role of a Signore, The Lord of a renowned family of Italian Renaissance, aiming to strengthen his influence and to build a powerful dynasty by making strategic alliances with the six most prestigious Houses of the time.

You must choose wisely the destiny of your offspring, arranging strategic marriages for the women of your family to other influential families, or appointing the men to one of the three available careers (military, clerical, or political), and then sending them to important diplomatic missions to the right city at the right moment.

Twenty dice in five colors are rolled at the beginning of each round. One at a time, players choose one die from the common pool, place it on their player board, and perform the corresponding action. The color of the chosen die determines the possible actions, and the number on the die is a discount on the cost of the action. Hiring helpers will make your future actions more powerful.

The dice mechanism is easy and innovative and gives players simple, but challenging, choices. The player that masters the art of pulling the right strings to gain the most influence will be the winner!

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