Flash Point: Fire Rescue


Players For Ages Play Time
2-6 10+ 45min

Designed by Kevin Lanzing

Current overall rank on BoardGameGeek: 210
Current overall rank on reddit r/boardgames: 142

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a fully cooperative game, everyone plays on the same firefighting team – win or lose together! Every turn is filled with the tension of having to fight the fire back, rescuing victims or investigating points of interest. Players can ride the ambulance to safety or fire the engine's deck gun in a desperate attempt to control the blaze. No two games are ever the same – and with two rulesets (family, & experienced) and 3 different difficulty levels there is a challenge to be had for all.

On the other end is a panicked response of FIRE! Moments later you don the protective suits that will keep you alive gather your equipment and rush to the scene of a blazing inferno. The team has only seconds to assess the situation and devise a plan of attack – then you spring into action like the trained professionals that you are. You must face your fears never give up and above all else work as a team because the fire is raging the building is threatening to collapse and lives are in danger. You must succeed. You are the brave men and women of fire rescue people are depending on you. This is what you do every day.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a thrilling ride for friends and family, whether they are gamers or just looking for a good, fun time. Games are about 45 minutes, 2-6 players (solo options), 10+ years.

This is a fun cooperative game that I like. It's similar to Pandemic in that you get a certain number of actions per turn, need to go to different parts of the board and eventually save people before it's too late (the building collapses on you or too many people die). The game has a beginner's mode as well as three levels of difficulty in the normal mode game.
   – Elliott

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