Batavia German Edition w/ English Rulesheet


For Ages
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Designed by Dan Glimne and Grzegorz Rejchtman

Magnificent sunsets, exotic flora and fauna, the aroma of finest spices in the air – the Far East has always had a magical appeal to adventurers, soldiers of fortune, explorers, traders and merchants.

Around 400 years ago, merchants in many different countries organized themselves into companies so that they could send larger fleet of ships to the Far East.

They hoped for huge profits from these voyages, because spices such as pepper and nutmeg were quite literally worth their weight in gold.

This board game is the German edition of the game but also comes with the English rulebook.

Go back to the golden age of the East India companies and spice trade.  Travel to Batavia and play as a merchant visiting trading posts of the five East India companies all over Asia.  Build your business empire by getting the most lucrative goods and selling for the most gold.

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