Rum & Bones: Blutrausch Legion Heroes Set #1


Players For Ages Play Time
2-6 14+ 60min

Designed by Michael Shinall

It`s time for some orcish reinforcements! The Blutrausch Legion is a fearsome crew of orcs from another dimension. They traveled here via a portal, and now they`re getting some much needed back up. They`re led by the brutal Captain Hunch (named for his poor posture) and joined by Blutghul the Beast and Fancy Lad the Dapper Duelist. The Blutrausch Legion Hero Set for Rum and Bones Second Tide includes five new orc Heroes, complete with their own Dashboards and highly detailed miniature figures. With sharpened cutlasses and loaded cannons, the Legion is ready to engage! **This is an expansion. The Rum & Bones: Second Tide core game is required to play.

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