Sector 6 with Kickstarter Exclusives


For Ages
Play Time

Designed by Jaime González García

This includes the Limited Edition Hexagonal Box case and Special Cloth Playmat.

What started as a rumor, whispered among the prisoners, today is nothing less than a reality: there is not enough oxygen for all of us. With increasingly less economic support, the Obliti Prison will soon be your dead-end, unless you move fast. Each cycle, guards grant eight prisoners access to Sector 6. An intricate web of distribution passageways, this sector is the only place in the whole ship where you can load up your survival tank. Gaining access to Sector 6 may be expensive but you have to ght if you want to continue breathing tomorrow.

In Sector 6, each player takes control of two prisoners. They will compete to retrieve the highest amount of oxygen in the winding corridors of a space prison’s supply area. Players must first create the maze of tiles which will be used to move around looking for oxygen markers. The player with the highest number of markers wins the game.

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