The Big Score


Players For Ages Play Time
1-6 10+ 30-60min

Designed by Jason Mowery, A. J. Porfirio, Chase Williams

The vault at Centennial City Bank is currently rumored to be holding a record amount of cash, precious diamonds, ancient artifacts, and highly-sensitive digital information. As the boss of one of the citys most notorious crime organizations, robbing that vault for all its worth is constantly on your mind. Theres only one problemthis job is too big for just your crew alone. Youre going to need help from some of your biggest rival crime bosses if you want to succeed. Hire your crew, plan the heist, and get ready for the big score! Players risk being busted by the cops as they steal even more loot in an exciting, press-your-luck grand finale inside the vault at Centennial City Bank!

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