Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance


Players For Ages Play Time
2-5 14+ 60-120min

Designed by Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, Simone Luciani

The Houses of Renaissance expansion for Lorenzo il Magnifico brings many new aspects to the game, adding different resources as you look to become the greatest house in Italy during the Renaissance. Extra components allow a 5th family to join, in hopes of becoming the most prestigious in town. Family Tiles, acquired during an auction at the start of the game, give you unique powers to expand your influence throughout Italy and change your starting resources. The Houses of Renaissance expansion also includes new Leaders that can be recruited in to your family, Special Token Resources that give an unknown bonus when acquired, the Special Tower to allow for more choice in actions, and Adaptation Tiles that change what different actions cost. All of these changes provide new levels of strategy. But you’ll still have to be sure to pay tribute to the church. New Excommunication Tiles represent an ever-present threat to your family’s fortunes!

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